Neko Case (4/21/09)

This'll be brief... It was a great night out with friends, which is what this show was mostly about. Had dinner at Number 1 Pho, drinks at Bricco, and made neko_case.jpgit just in time for seeing LOTS of friends in the lobby. I was surprised to realize that this was my first time in the Allen theater! Nice, but different... representative of the whole experience.

I was a little surprised at the level of attendance, as the theater was only half-filled (most of whom seemed to be drunk, including the "sound guy" sitting next to me). Overall, the show was meh. I love Neko, but something was off... maybe it was that her backup singer was sick, or the girls screaming stuff at her, or maybe it's that someone was thrown out for flipping her the bird. Still, despite my negativity, her shows are still better than most and shouldn't be missed. I doubt a night like that could happen again. :-S

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