Brownout (10/19/09)

Since starting this blog, I've started to get a LOT more promotional emails. It's great, getting all kinds of updates that I wouldn't have received otherwise. Some of the more savvy promoters are including download links to the entire album. It's these promotions that stand out and make me take notice. In this case, the band was Brownout - which is a band that's a little outside my typical genre(s), but they sounded great! The other part of the promotion was their upcoming show at Nighttown. I checked about scoring some free tix and they obliged.

First off, I really have to give props to Nighttown. What a COOL place. I've been there before, but kinda forget how swanky that place is... To be able to sit down for a great meal and listen to someone like Brownout is just awesome. Show started at 7:00 and was done by 8:30. Perfect for the responsible, music-loving adult. True, the meal may be a little pricier than you're hoping for, but I was able to score a $5 burger at the bar (which was delicious).

Brownout definitely filled the stage, with drummer, djembe, multiple guitars, bass, and a horn section. They're from Austin, TX and have a Latino flavor to them, but they definitely bring in a larger world music vision into their show. Even cooler than that, is the rock and funk elements thrown it. It basically boils down to one hell of a groove. You really should check these guys out if you get a chance.

Brownout (10/19/09)

Check out their video for Slinky:

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