Tracy Chapman: Demos

I subscribe to this Quality Boots blog, because who doesn't like a good bootleg? Most of the time, they're just traditional artists on the bootleg circuit (Led Zeppelin, Rush, Beatles, etc.), but occassaionally an artist I like gets posted (not that I don't like LZ or the Beatles, but you get the point). This is a gem.

Tracy Chapman
Studio Demos 1986 or 1987
OU Notes:
I've had this 5 song demo laying about for 20 years. It is labeled 1987 but a source who knows a bit about Tracy Chapman history believes these might have been recorded in 1986 in Medford MA at WMFO studios at Tufts University where Tracy was going to school.
The tape was probably circulated locally in conjunction with a few shows she was doing in Boston at that time. It was before her debut was recorded.

1 Baby Can I Hold You
2 Talkin bout a Revolution
3 This Time
4 Mountain O' Things
5 For You



Comments welcome. [From Tracy Chapman: Demos 1986 or 87 (Studio) FLAC]

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  1. Like you said. "This is a gem." I love these demos. A Great intimate performance. Just Tracy and her guitar. Very close to the bone!