Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest Leaked

So Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest has leaked. I was a little surprised it happened this soon too...

I like Grizzly Bear's take on this. Both understanding a little regret, which is completely understandable. What I can't wrap my head around is buying albums that I don't know if I like. Unless I was a huge Grizzly Bear fan (which I'm not), then I want to know the album before dropping $16.99 + shipping for the Vinyl. Maybe I'm just cheap. But I'm going to get comfortable with the leaked copy before I decide to buy.

I definitely appreciate supporting artists and will always do so. If not by buying their album, then by seeing them in concert or promoting them on this blog. Most of the time it involves all 3.

There’s a hole in the bucket, Delilah

Hey all,


So yeah, we are kind of bummed this leaked so early. We know it’s not the 90’s anymore and times have changed, and we’re super grateful for all the support people have shown us on the blogs and internet, but we were kind of hoping it wouldn’t happen this soon.

Ultimately we feel like we put out a great album and hope people enjoy it, and we really hope people take the time to pre-order and support the good one-and-a-half years it took to write and record it.

I promise you the album art for both CD and vinyl is going to be gorgeous. And a bonus: all vinyl people will get a high quality download coupon with their purchase.

Leaking is a tricky subject; as we all know, I’ve had my run ins with the law O__o (Hi, Mr. Sheriff!) I have conflicting opinions about it, as it’s really complicated, but ultimately it saddens me that a bummer-quality version of Veckatimest is going around. Please consider putting your energies into a pre-order or into waiting till May 26 for the album the way we intend it to be presented.

Not to get all mushy, but we definitely put a lot of love and work into this one and are just excited to hit the road and tour it again.

Ok, there! Got that off my chest.

Warm regards.

Pre-Order directly from the band:

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or from Insound:
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