Richard Shindell / Chris Castle (3/18/09)

As previously noted, I haven't seen Richard Shindell since Cry Cry Cry back in 1999 at the Ark in Ann Arbor. I enjoy his sound, but haven't been keeping up with him as much as I have with Lucy Kaplansky and especially Dar Williams (the other parts of Cry Cry Cry). But honestly, I was really showing up to support Chris Castle. Having Richard Shindell perform was just an added benefit.

First I have to say how happy that it was an earlier show, starting at 7:30. When I showed up and saw the older folkie crowd, it made sense. This was also my first time seeing the new soundboard position in the Tavern.

Chris' performance was great as usual, and it was great chatting with him afterward (as usual).

Chris Castle (3/18/09)

I was surprised at how "hippie" Richard Shindell was looking. I guess that's what I would expect from an expatriate living in Buenos Aries. He has a wonderfully smooth voice and he's a great songwriter. For me, he's one of those people that I've been aware of for a long time, but can't necessarily recommend to friends because I'm not finding him as "relevant" as some of the other artists out today. Not that you shouldn't check him out.

Richard Shindell (3/18/09)

I will share one of my favorite songs of his from Cry Cry Cry:

Cold Missouri Waters - Cry Cry Cry

After the show, we swung by the Spot to see Plushgun, but didn't end up arrived during the opening act didn't end up staying long enough to see them. Maybe next time.

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  1. I too hadn't seen Richard since Cry, Cry, Cry. I caught his show on 3-28-09 at Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, Ct. Here are a few photos from the front row.
    Richard Shindell