Frontier Ruckus (2/3/10)

The decision to see Frontier Ruckus on this night wasn't necessarily an easy one. They were competing with Bishop Allen's performance at the Spot (CWRU). My first deciding factor would be to go to see the band I hadn't already seen - but I had seen both once before. The next factor is the venue... This was tough, the Spot is free and closer, but any kind of bluegrass in the Beachland Tavern is always a step ahead... Frontier Ruckus it was.

Not an ounce of disappointment was had. Seeing them previously open for Jessica Lea Mayfield, I knew instantly that I wanted to see them as a primary act... Even before the show started, I bought a vinyl copy of their most recent album Old Orion Town. These guys are just so nice and have such a great energy about them on stage... The best part about this performance was hearing some new songs from a new record that's on the way. Can't wait.

Frontier Ruckus (2/3/10)

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