Coffinberry / Bill Fox (2/5/10)

I really like the Happy Dog. Dare I might say it's my favorite bar on the West Side... though with the plethora of bars over there, I can't say it with any definiteness... though their decor, hot dog schtick, and having live bands would be pretty hard to beat. My only gripes is the inability to find out (digitally) who will be performing, as well as the loudness of the place. It's like, really loud. But those aren't deal breakers.

I've seen Bill Fox at the Happy Dog before, and was looking forward to going back and seeing Coffinberry perform. But you know, I don't have much to say about the show... both were enjoyable. The environment and conversation was pleasantly distracting. I also forgot my camera, so you're stuck with iPhone pics.

Coffinberry (2/5/10)

and since it's not easy to find out who's playing... here are a couple of the remaining, upcoming shows. (Just put the JJ Magazine show on my calendar)

Happy Dog Schedule

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  1. www.happydogcleveland.com will be up in a matter of days- thanks for your patience! In the meantime, all shows/events are posted on facebook - search "the happy dog"