RIP Enoch "Trey" Tims III

I received some terrible news this past Saturday, that a new and exciting friend of mine passed away. A car crash... Why am I writing about it here? Well, because Trey was quickly becoming one of my new best friends in music. He had an insatiable appetite that of which I could relate - and he had impeccable taste and style. We had just started going to shows together, and had many more planned.

This makes me incredibly sad... though I can't even image the effect this has on people that have known him longer. He had an indomitable spirit and a happiness about him that was infectious. It was hard to not love Trey.

He was often the first person I thought of when going through my music news and links, though I often learned more from him than any online news source... There are just so many things that I know he'd be super excited about. Here are just a couple, which I'll share with you.

Stream the new Hot Chip album (out on Feb. 9th) in it's entirety on their MySpace page now (though I know he already had it): http://www.myspace.com/hotchip

I'd also like to send this song out to Trey. I think he'd love it:

Major Lazer covering Beyonce's Halo:

(Catch Major Lazer at the House of Blues on Wednesday, April 7th)

Here's his obituary. Peace.


  1. Nice tribute. Wish I could have met him. Want tic for the show? For free!

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  3. Trey was my cousin and I agree it was a horrible tragedy. Thanks for your kind words about him. He was truly one of a kind.


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  5. Adult Swim just posted a memorial to Enoch. Was very nice of them to do this. They must have really appreciated his work at the network.