Old Crow Medicine Show (11/11/09)

Kent was definitely hoppin' last night... It was a sold out, exhuberant crown last night at Kent Stage for the Old Crow Medicine Show. Unfortunately, in the haste to get to Kent after work, and then to dinner and then to the Stage, I forgot my camera. So only an iPhone pic this time... which is unfortunate because were were up pretty close.

Also unfortunate was my level of excitement at this show. I saw these guys back in 2005 and it was phenomenal...For this performance, tix were $30, they had a full merch table with overpriced stuff (t-shirts $25!), which just puts a sour taste in my mouth. If I'm seeing a bluegrass show, I want it to be rustic and a little more organic... not a marketing machine. And a lot of the performance felt pretty gimmicky, like it's the same routine each city with only a change of the cities being called out.

They still sounded great, and it was definitely high energy. I just had really high expectations for them. I should applaud their success I guess.

Old Crow Medicine Show (11/11/09)
(My Flickr Photoset from '05 can be found here)

Tonight is Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros!!

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