We Are Hunted

A cool new service (wearehunted.com). I can't help but think of how a service like this is named based on the availability of URL's. It works, just a little strange.

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Sneak Preview: A Fantastic New Way to Find Hot Music


A new, playable music chart is like a Billboard chart for the P2P generation -- and you can play anything on it with a single click.

It would take an army of listeners to keep tabs on all the music being recorded and posted to MySpace, YouTube, BitTorrent and the like. How to filter it all?

We Are Hunted, a clean and simple music chart cuts to the chase. It tracks the most-favored music on P2P and social networks, Twitter, web forums and blogs. It then presents the 99 hottest tracks (according to its calculations) through an intuitive Brady Bunch-style interface. Best of all, it slaps a play button on each track. Clicking the play button starts the song playing right there on the page, using links to YouTube audio tracks, record label sites and other internet locations that the site's automated system finds online.

We Are Hunted [From Sneak Preview: A Fantastic New Way to Find Hot Music | Epicenter from Wired.com]

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