New Chris Garneau in July!

Yay! I've been waiting on this... I hope he comes back to Cleveland again. Hard to believe it's been 2 years.

Chris Garneau announces sophomore album, 'El Radio'


Out indie darling Chris Garneau is slated to release his second album, El Radio, on July 7. The follow-up to his 2007 debut, Music For Tourists will be released on Absolutely Kosher Records. The album is said to be "a dramatic seasonal change, an event horizon, perhaps a carnival or even a birthday." Great. So, basically we're all going to Chris Garneau's birthday party? Did I get that wrong? Whatever, it's exciting news, regardless.

El Radio may promise to be a bit more upbeat than Music for Tourists, but as long as Garneau's soothing, Sufjan Stevens-like voice stays the same, I don't think anyone will mind.

[From LOGOonline.com: NewNowNext Blog: Chris Garneau announces sophomore album, 'El Radio']

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