Severe Disappointment in eMusic Changes

So eMusic is changing their pricing plans at the same time they're adding the Sony back catalog. I've heard that eMusic said the two are not related, but obviously that's hard to swallow. I checked on my plan and I'm losing 20 of my 50 downloads per month... all for music I never plan to download from eMusic anyway, and isn't the reason I signed up for the service.


I wrote them an email expressing my disappointment and that I was planning on canceling my membership as a result. The responding email was cold and stated that they cancelled my plan. WTF? I quickly responded back saying that I did not ask to have my plan canceled and that I plan to do so when I'm ready, not to have it done for me. I find this shocking. It seems like with the acquisition of the Sony catalog, they also are adopting the arrogance of the major label corporations.

eMusic Adds Sony, But Could Pay A Price

eMusic was founded as a fierce supporter of independent music and has continued to maintain that stance...until now. Soon eMusic's 400,000 monthly subscribers will have access to the music of Michael Jackson, Billy Joel and the others artists from Sony's deep catalog of labels including Arista, Columbia, Epic, Jive, LaFace, Legacy and RCA. The offering will be restricted to rleases more than two years old.

But the addition of Sony to eMusic comes at a price. As part of the deal, eMusic will raise prices and reduce the number of downloads on some of its plans, according to reports. It is unclear if the deal will effect eMusic's use of 25-75 free tracks to entice subsribers.

[From hypebot: eMusic Adds Sony, But Could Pay A Price]

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